2018 MTB Long Ride Report Back




Almost 50 riders participated in the 2018 Long ride at the famous John Nash Reserve in the Cradle. It is a pleasure to report that we had a few minor falls in the three groups, but no injuries worth noting!


Once again we all acknowledge the privilege of experiencing such a ride on this fantastic property. Many thanks to the Nash family for allowing us on their land for a few hours and we have great admiration for the fact that the family is protecting such a gem. We know we did not pay the conservancy fee which is required for this privilege so thank you very much. Hennie was once again a fantastic help and we appreciate the fact that he raked and levelled all the roads for us!

Franci & Olly as back-up worked well. Sheldon (who didn’t make the ride due to a problem) from Cycles United for the sponsorship, Bavaria for the alcohol free beer & finally Nederburg for the champagne. Hendrik, Sean & Pierre who acted as the three group ridemasters did a great job and nobody was left behind or got lost.



Next year we will try again for this experience. Who knows we might be lucky once again? To the riders who we only see on the Long Rides – please join us on Saturdays (NF) or on Sundays. It is a great experience, we have competent ridemasters and it is safe with great routes every week. Try it!

Next year we have quite a few special long rides planned. Get ready!

Thys Neser