8 Tips To Get U 947 Race Day Ready ~ Bicycling Magazine

You’ve trained hard, sacrificed your time and the day has finally arrived… it’s 947 Cycle Challenge race day! Do you have all your ducks in a row? Are you ready for real racing challenges? Do you know how to fuel during the race?

Never fear! Our resident coach is here to share his race day wisdom, and ensure you’re well prepped to make the best of your race:

  • Have your bike clean and properly serviced. A reliable bike will make a big difference to your confidence on the start line.
  • Have your kit, timing chip race fuel ready the day before. Don’t forget your recovery drink, towel and change of clothes for after the race.
  • Eat three-hours before the race and choose low-fibre foods – you don’t want any form of bloating.
  • Snack on a small banana or drink 300ml of your energy drink 30-minutes before the start.
  • When you take your turn at the front, don’t be tempted to put the hammer down – you’ll pay for these unnecessary red-line efforts later on.
  • If hills are a weak point, position yourself close to the front at the bottom so that you can drift back through the bunch and still be in it by the top of the hill.
  • Even if you’re a sub-3 hour rider, you should be eating on this ride to make sure you still have glycogen stores available at the end.
  • Soak up the event and the joy that cycling offers. The 947 Cycle Challenge is a big deal and you are part of it – just go out there and have fun!