Club News 1st October 2020



Club News 1st October 2020 
It’s the 1st of October and we've been greeted with one of our first thunderstorms of the season and according to the weather forecast, this will continue until Saturday.

For the roadies, please note that we have now moved our rides to Summer Time Rides (no more Springtime) starting from this Saturday.  The Broadacres riders will depart at 06h30 and the Culinary riders at 06h45.  
The weather forecast for this Saturday morning is rain, but this can change.  If it does rain at the time of departure, we will cancel the club ride. The roads are still slippery when it rains, and your safety is important to us.  Should you decide to ride during rain or wet roads - stay off the painted lines on the road as you can slip and fall.

Club100 Tour de Drakensberg 2020
Club 100 MTB Tour report 
Tour de Draak  23 – 27 September 2020 (done & dusted)

During the national lockdown, we took the leap of faith by planning our Annual Mountainbike Club Tour 
to the spectacular Champagne Valley located in the Central Drakensberg.  
Hosted at the Mountain Splendour Eco Resort and guided by the resort’s owner, Iain Don-Wauchope, we received the green light to proceed with the tour as interprovincial travel restrictions were lifted. What a fantastic decision this proved to be.  
Our touring party of 19 members consisted of 17 eager mountain bike riders and 2 non-riders. With the youngest tourer being a fighting-fit, 21-year old and the most senior diesel-grinders in their “mid” 60, the diversity of the group made this an enjoyable and very successful tour. 
Day 1: Cathkin Valley trails 50km 
The first day was a rude awakening to many, (especially those with Club Kombi travelled legs), and the group split into 2 batches halfway through the day. It was a tough 50 kilometres, 950 metres elevation in 3,5 hours for the B batch, whilst the A batch explored the Cathkin Valley a little further with Iain at the helm. Both groups experienced breath-taking views of the pristine Drakensberg skyline, as we traversed the ridges via hidden single-track. 
That evening the Fines Committee of Foxy Buy and Michael Neser had a lot of material and a royal time handing out financial sanctions. Anything from face-plants, badly-timed mechanicals or even daily late-comers would be dealt with swiftly with a crisp R20 note. All proceeds to the fines jar went towards the guides, caterers and support crew of Mount Splendour. 
Day 2: Arthur’s Seat 65km 
Labelled as the “long” day of the tour which headed up the gruelling “hill” called Arthur’s Seat, Day 2 certainly lived up to the billing. Both A and B batch conquered the out-of-category climb with a light lunch of potatoes (and even some beers) served at the summit. The rough cattle tracks and a solid headwind on the ride home were just too much for some ex-roadies, who now own picturesque stands on the foothills of the ‘Berg. Others lost their cool as they tried to out-fox the guides in an attempt to take tarred shortcuts home.  
Day 3: Berg n Bush: 35 -75km 
Thanks to the generosity of Gary Green and some exceptional negotiation by Club 100 member, Rod Cairns, we managed to secure exclusive access to the Berg n Bush trails on Day 3.  With a small portage to Gary Green’s farm, we were spoiled with some of the best riding you can find in SA. The legendary single-tracks and curated trails were ours for the day- not something many mountain bikers have had the privilege of the outside of the race itself. After a “tiny” spill on Day 2, Fat Boy delivered for the second day in a row, managing to break the seat post on his bike. Fortunately Gary Green was generous enough to allow FB (FatBoy)  to use his bike for the rest of the ride- and not just any bike but a Pyga nogals. 
The B batch enjoyed well-earned doughnuts, coffee, and milkshakes at the famous Valley bakery on their way back, whilst the A batch pushed on for an extra 40km on some fast district roads. The afternoon saw many taking advantage of the local craft brewery which was just down the road from the base camp. 
Day 4: Cathkin trails and Ardmore stop: 35km 
This was sadly our last ride of the Tour and we explored the beautiful but tough Cathkin trails stopping halfway for coffee at the Ardmore guest farm. Our only “accident” of the tour happened within the first 10km as a loose forest stick was kicked-up by the peloton and got lodged in Shaun “GIF” Slabber’s shin. He required a couple of stitches which was efficiently delivered by a local doctor who was on call thanks to Iain. Luckily Shaun and his wife, Dawn  (Yes, Shaun & Dawn) planned to stay other night, giving him ample time to recover and even sneak in another ride with his bandaged leg.  
The Tour de Draak will go down as one of the few Tours that actually happened in 2020, and will go down as one of the finest. The spectacular scenery was only eclipsed by the thrilling trails, but no-one will forget the superb company and daily club banter. The sore legs will recover, the wounds will heal but the great memories and new friendships remain.  

The 2021 tour will be arranged by “all-around great-guy”, Guy Imbert, and trail-master, Rolf Ludwig, with talks of even bigger Southern African hills on the menu, and possibly having to take your passport along. Make sure your legs are ready next year and your passport not expired. 


Club100 Clearance Sale                                                                                                                                      
The club is having a 50% off clearance sale on most of our stock.                                                                               
Ladies shorts, windjammers, hoodies, running shirts, tri-suits, golf-shirts, T-shirts, men’s bib-shorts (only very large sizes available) sunglasses and one yellow helmet – large.
Call me or WhatsApp me if you’re interested in any of the above.  

For Sale:
Giant TCR racing bike with carbon frame and Shimano 105 group set, in great condition.
comes with:
Spare Shimano racing wheels (never been used) in bags;
Joe Blow Pro digital pump;
saddlebag with the puncture repair kit.
All for R12000.00 - open to offers. 

Stride Splint and padded carry bag for air travel;

Call Gabi Teren - 082 874 6868


Ironman South African 70.3, Buffalo City, East London is taking place on the 24th January 2021.
Tier 1 entries R3 190 until 30 October
Tier 2                3 670 until 20 December
Tier 3                4 210 limited entries

Weekend Club Rides
Road Rides
Ride Captains:  Terry Millar – 082 903 7695  & Brian Rowbotham – 082 652 9181 
Saturday  3rd October
Venue 1:   Mugg & Bean, Broadacres Shopping Centre @ 06h30  A & B groups – 78km
Venue 2:   The Culinary, Lanseria @ 06h45 C & D group – 65km 
Novice Marshal:  Charmaine – 082 554 0805
Sunday   4th October 
Venue:    Moove (MFC) Fitness Club, Sunninghill @ 07h00
Route:    Monument long - 92km & short - 70km

MTB Rides

Ride Captain  Sean Gallick - 060 500 6071
Saturday  3rd October
Venue:      Northern Farm  @ 07h00   Long slow ride of about 35km with Paulo – all welcome.
Ride Marshal:   Paulo Nathan – 083 382 6037
Sunday  4th October
Venue:   Moove Fitness Club - Sunninghill @ 06h30
Route:   Moove Gym, 1 Kikuyu Road, Sunninghill  - riding through Midrand turning out left to enjoy the Riversands single track, then back through Leeukop for a 10h00 breakfast at Moove.  A distance of about 35km. 
Ride Marshal:  Guy Imbert – 083 325 3703
COVID Ride Rules:  

  • Booking via WhatsApp to Charmaine on 083 258 2100
  • Download the COVID Alert South Africa App
  • Should you not feel well – stay home for everyone’s safety
  • Masks to be worn after your ride
  • Please be considerate when blowing your nose/sneezing
  • Social distancing

Please will all members riding with the club, Road, MTB and Tri-athletes download the “COVID Alert South Africa” app from their app store. This app allows confidential contact tracing.  It means we don’t have to keep records of who cycled together with the club while still being able to ensure we can notify contacts if needed.

The weather report according to AccuWeather: 
Saturday:           21/14  occasional rain and drizzle in the morning        
Sunday:             25/10  pleasant and warmer with plenty of sun

New Members

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Nkululeko Silimela who has recently joined the club
We look forward to seeing you at our weekend club rides.  Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Charmaine on 083 258 2100 or email
Please add Olly 083 955 0719 our safety support cell number to your phone.

Happy Birthday  
The following members will be celebrating their birthdays during the upcoming weeks
1st October                     Clifford Smith
2nd October                    Brett Horne & Alex Downie
3rd October                     Paddy Cresswell & Albert Joubert
4th October                     Denise Millar & Beric Gilbert
6th October                     David Kirkby
7th October                     Rodney Callaghan
8th October                     John Ingram (JB) & Trevor Arlington    

Wishing you all a wonderful Birthday!                                

Safe Cycling, Running & Swimming
083 258 2100