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Club News 15th August

Muscle-building shakes may have less protein than claimed

Weight trainers and sportspeople often supplement their diets with protein shakes or bars, but a study has found that, when it comes to shakes, protein claims are often exaggerated. 

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.


Protein supplements have become a widely popular way for avid gym-goers to pump extra protein into their bodies and bump up their muscles.

Much debate about protein supplements

Protein is essential for the overall health of the body, building and repairing its tissues and balancing the levels of energy, hormones and many other chemicals. It’s also central in building muscles – often the attraction for its use in body building and fitness products.

Ideally men should get about 56g of protein a day for their normal body processes to continue. Women, it is recommended, should have about 46g of protein.

An egg contains about 6g of protein, while a portion of soybeans (half a cup) could contain 15g of protein and one lean lamb loin chopcould contain 14g of protein.

There has been much debate around people pumping protein supplements into their bodies. Some research suggests that people who are undergoing muscle-building training need higher quantities of protein to support maximum muscle growth. But there is no scientific agreement that these people really need to consume more protein than the recommended dietary allowance

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Yet weight trainers and sportspeople often supplement their diets with protein shakes or bars. This could be due to their convenience – they cost less than meat products with the same protein content, and they allow for optimal protein intake without excessive consumption of carbohydrates or fats. 

But our study has found that, when it comes to protein shakes, what is in the tub is not always what meets the eye. Close to 10% of protein shakes evaluated on the market had less than 60% of the amount of protein consumers were paying for.

Hettie Carina Schönfeldt, Associate Professor of Human Nutrition at the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Wellbeing, University of PretoriaBeulah Pretorius, Reseacher in Human Nutrition and Food Composition, University of Pretoria, and Nicolette Hall, Researcher in Human Nutrition, University of Pretoria

This article was originally published on The Conversation.

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Just for quick reference…the Roadies Saturday Weekend Club Ride is from the Mugg & Bean Broadacres @ 07h00  and our Mountain Bikersfrom Northern Farm @ 08h00.  Scroll down for more weekend ride times.

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Club100 Triathlon 

Bela Bela 5150 is upon us.  Please wear your sponsored Isuzu gear should you have been a recipient. Look out for the Club Gazebo & Good Luck with your 5150!  Do join us for refreshments after your race.

Brick Session – 24 August join the Club Ride at Broadacres 6h45 for 07h00, then a 5km run after the ride and coffee / breakfast at Mug & Bean.  All are welcome!  This will be great preparation for the upcoming Germiston 5150.  Brick training is extremely important and should form part of your weekly training program. 

Redhub Events: 1stSeptember 2019

This is the perfect event to start a multi-sport, be it swimming, cycling and running or just cycling and running. Entries will close on the 30thAugust.  We will have the Club100 Gazebo and refreshments there at the finish line.

ENTER NOW.  Some of us will only do the Duathlon, so don’t be shy, join the fun! It’s on your doorstep… enter!



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 The following members will be celebrating their birthdays during the upcoming week.

15thAugust         Jeff Solomon

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20thAugust         Raf Peeters

21stAugust         Johann du Toit, Jonathan Rufus, Hans Zachar

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