Top Nutritional Tips for the 947 Cycle Challenge ~ by Nicola Drabble


The hot November conditions, makes this race a challenge due to the heat, dryness and often warm winds. Preventing dehydration is key to sustained performance:

1. Start hydrating two days before race. Your urine should be just yellow/ straw coloured. If its dark/ you can smell it you are dehydrated

Pre race:

2. Start drinking on waking
3. Drink between 300-600ml of fluid in the hour before the race. You can do this while getting ready or in the car on the way to the event

During the race:

4. Drink to a plan - steady drinking throughout the race
5. Include carbohydrate rich isotonic sports drinks. These will top up carbohydrate stores and maintain fluid balance
6. ‘Still’ drinks are better tolerated than fizzy drinks
7. Add ice or freeze overnight to keep cool

Post race:

8. Drink 500ml of fluids after the race and make sure you are rehydrated before heading to the beer tent!


Choose foods that you would ordinarily use to train with. New foods combined with nerves could cause gastrointestinal upset.

Pre race:

1. Eat a mixture of carbohydrate and protein at least 60 minutes before the race as this will improve endurance capability as it will top up blood glucose levels; enhance muscle glycogen stores; and restore liver glycogen content. Good examples include: breakfast cereals with fat free/ low fat milk; toast with eggs/ cheese/ peanut butter; liquid meal replacement such as Future Life
During the race:
2. Top up carbohydrate by using a food/ supplement of your choice. Good examples include Isotonic sports drinks (provides carbohydrate and fluids); dried fruit; sports bars and gels

Post race:

The most effective refuelling occurs within 30 – 60 minutes after exercise and is referred to as the ‘golden hour’. It is essential to eat carbohydrate for optimum recovery of glycogen stores. Also, the effect of post-exercise protein intake is
best seen when the protein is combined with a carbohydrate. Chocolate milk has been found to be the best recovery snack after exercise as it contains the correct ratio of protein:carbohydrate. Other good recovery snacks/ meals include: sandwiches/ wraps with protein filling; pasta dishes and smoothies




If you would like more information or a personalised sports nutrition plan, please contact Nicola:
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Nicola Drabble – Registered Dietitian