MTB Long Ride - Nash Reserve, Cradle of Humankind

   Final wrap up LONG RIDE no 4 NASH Farm – Cradle Sunday 26 Nov 2017

Everyone was smiling – at the finish! This was the aim for the Long Ride & we achieved just that.

The Final LONG RIDE of 2017 finished on a high note at the Nash farm in the Cradle. The weather was exactly right and the previous day’s rain was exactly what was ordered. Riding conditions were perfect.

45 riders started from the Cradle restaurant and we split into a few groups to control the bunches. We unfortunately underestimated the uptake of the places for the ride. We had to close entries three weeks before the ride! Next year we will only open to Club 100 members due to the demand – this is if we can crack an invite again from the Nash family. 

Hennie the farm manager had the farm roads prepared for our onslaught and had cleaned the pool for the snack break. Next time he could pay a little bit more attention to some loose rocks on some of the down & uphills. The Reserve was in a superb condition after the previous day’s rain

Theo Henning has now realized that an e-bike is almost impossible to push up/portage on the big climbs. Next time we are sure Theo will be a bit fitter & maybe would have attended a few Sunday rides with the rest of the Club!


The visit to the pool was once again a highlight & the snacks organised by Michael & drinks by Sean were  just what we required. The Goose was into the Jacuzzi like a flash and our esteemed chairman was one of the participants in the water. Maybe to assist with some bruises due to some loose rocks? Hennie had the pool in tip top condition with the clear water of the Skeerpoort river providing the beautiful setting for our break.

On our way back we had magnificent views of the Magalies mountains and we climbed the familiar climbs and portaged once again on the very steep climbs (most of us). We passed beacons with names like Gravestone junction, Hartebeest junction & Piccadilly Circus.

Not a single inch of tar for the whole ride & we all ended relatively unscathed back at the Cradle restaurant. Thank you Club 100 for the great brunch and it was ended off with great champagne from one of our sponsors Nederburg – Thank to Angie who did NOT forget the mountainbikers.

To our ridemasters Hendrik, Sean, Michael, Dave & Pierre thank you once again. Olly was again on his post, manning the back-up vehicle and Franci for the back up to the dam & Hennie for all the preparation and taking the time to guide us around the farm.  It was over in a flash – now just a memory.

Thank you again to Paul Nash & the rest of the Nash family. We understand the privilege of riding on this Heritage site. Thank you for protecting this wonderful place for the future generations.

To all the Club 100 members who attended the ride as well as the guests and lastly the unfortunate Club 100 members who were not able to make the ride – Come and ride on our Saturday & Sunday rides. If you don’t have the skill join our members at Northern farm during the weekends. Join us on Sundays. It was fantastic to see so many Club members on the ride.

See you all next year!

Thys Neser

Long Ride dates for 2018 (to be confirmed)

  1. Long Ride no 1 Sunday 25 February - Buffelsdrift
  2. Long Ride no 2 Sunday 15 April - Red Barn
  3. Long Ride no 4 Sunday 26 August Western Krugersdorp
  4. Long Ride no 4 Sunday 25 November Cradle