Rider Safety

Cycling can be a dangerous activity but if you follow some simple rules you will ride will be safe and enjoyable.

1.  Follow the law

Your safety and the image of cyclists depends on you.  You have the same rights and duties as motorists.  Obey traffic signs and lights.

2.  Be predictable

Make your intentions clear to other road users.  Ride is a straight line and do not swerve between parked cars.  Signal turns and check behind you well before turning or changing lanes.

3.  Be conspicuous

Ride where drivers can see you.  Use a front white light and red rear light and reflectors at night or when visibility is poor.

4.  Think ahead

Anticipate what drivers, pedestrians and other cyclist will do next.  Watch for turning vehicles.  Look out for potholes, debris and other obstacles in the road.  Verbalize and point out any obstacles when riding in a group.

5. Ride Ready

Check your tires have sufficient air, that your brakes are working, chains runs smoothly and that quick release wheel levers are closed. Carry spare tubes, bombs an other emergency supplies appropriate for your ride.  Wear a helmet.

6.  Keep your cool

Road rage benefits no-one and only makes a bad situation worse.  


 Enjoy the Ride....