Training Day @ Cradle Moon

Training Day – 30 September 2017


The Club100 Triathlon Club kicked off the triathlon season with their inaugural training day at the Cradle Moon conservancy at the end of September. 

What will be the first of many of these occasions to come, the training day was aimed at bringing together like-minded athletes who wanted to swim, bike and run (or any combination of the three). 

Cradle Moon provided the perfect platform for the club’s first ever training day, with the conservancy offering some tough cycling and running hill climbs. And a fresh spring morning gave way to hot conditions to ensure the training session was a true test for our athletes.  

The training session was a good mix of distances, ranging in between the typical sprint and standard Olympic distance triathlon. There was a good skill level mix on offer as the day provided the perfect platform to get some good practice in, for experienced athletes, or get in a brick session to practice transitions. There we even a handful of athletes who were doing their first triathlon, a fantastic way to become accustomed to this incredible sport.     

The morning started out with a swim of approximately 1250m in magnificent water conditions, which then gave way to a challenging 32km bike ride around the Cradle of Humankind – a good session for those looking at entering hilly bike routes such as East London 70.3 Half Ironman. As the temperature started to rise with interest, the 8km trail around Cradle Moon was a double lap to make sure there was some mental toughness built into the day. 

Because we know the competitive nature of triathletes, even a training day such as this could not come without its prizes and Angie Bonser, the Club100 Secretary, put together a wonderful mix of slightly ‘more serious’ as well as some fun prizes (see winner’s list below). 

What was initially seen as a trial training session for the club was incredibly well supported with 25 athletes enjoying the day out. Because of the interest generated, we have begun to discuss plans for 2018 so that more training occasions can be scheduled in and will be in line with the triathlon season (typically Sep to Aug). Watch this space indeed! 

Main Prize Winners
Overall winner - Simon Owen
Fastest Swim - Gareth Macintosh
Fastest Bike - Cass Owen

Fun Prizes
Eyes Wide Shut - Dot Hut
(for not looking where she was going & cycled straight into a closed boom gate)

Ultimate Yakker - Kerry Cooke
(The only time she wasnt talking was in the water)

Wayz Award - Richard Gunn
(For getting lost on the run)

Tracker Award - Brandon Head
(For managing to find all the obstactles in the water.)

Wet behind the ears award - Emma Petal & Theresa Gorrie
(1st open water swim)

Wrinkly Award - Charmaine Scheepers
(for the longest time in the water)

Young Athlete Award - Gert Van Niekerk
(for being the oldest participant)

If you attended the training day and have any suggestions, these would be most welcome.  If you were not able to attend but would like more information for future training session such as this, please contact us.

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