About Us


Welcome to the home of Club 100 Multi-sport


Club 100 was established in 1990. Starting off as South Africa’s premier cycling club, it has since grown to include Road Cycling, Mountain Biking and Triathlon.


Club 100 is predominately a Social Club comprised of athletes of all levels. Whether you are just starting your training journey or are looking for a racing environment, we have a place for you. We welcome anyone who has a passion for cycling and triathlon, from beginners to aspiring professionals. Club100 offers a strong support system for each stage of your journey as an athlete or sports enthusiast.

At Club 100 we pride ourselves on being true ambassadors of Multi-sport. Whether you are a roadie, a mountain biker, track star, or a triathlete, we invite you to join us and see what Club 100 is all about. Club 100 is a place where you can become part of a Multi-sport club that is not just a club, but a community of cyclists, triathletes, runners and swimmers.

We are a very social club and the people you meet on the training and group rides will inevitably become good friends. Our club is very diverse in every aspect, and that is how we like it.

Sport brings people together and the memories made while training, will last forever.

We are proud to be formally affiliated with Team Qhubeka Nexthash, Africa’s only Pro Tour Team.  Team Qhubeka Nexthash will race all the big races around the world including the Tour de France.  As a club member, you will be able to be part of their exciting journey, as it is our team.


Becoming part of Club 100 for a joining fee of R 1 800.00, will open up a world of benefits:  Thereafter an annual renewal fee of R1 200.00 will apply.


  • To be formally affiliated to Team Qhubeka Nexthash, the first African team to receive UCI World Tour Status

  • Weekly organised club rides with experienced marshals

  • Weekly organised group training

  • Support vehicle, offering roadside assistance and support

  • Tours and Training camps (local and international)

  • Expert training tips

  • Educational Talks and Social Events

  • Coaching Programs

  • Hospitality at major events

  • Free Entry to Northern Farms (to be reviewed)

  • Free cycling top


These are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy as a member of Club 100 Multi-sport.


“Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride”
– Eddy Merckx


Code of Conduct

Club 100 places the highest importance on providing a safe cycling environment for its members.  In addition, it acknowledges that we share the roads with other road users, and therefore needs to encourage courteous cycling in the interests of all concerned.  This simple ten-point code defines the behaviour we expect from members to promote safe cycling and protect the reputation of our club, sponsors, and sport.  Continued disregard for its provisions will lead to verbal cautions followed by disciplinary action and possible expulsion from the club.


  1. We ride responsibly, avoiding any actions that could jeopardize the safety of fellow cyclists – loudly pointing out potential hazards such as approaching vehicles and potholes.

  2. We respect and are courteous to fellow road or trail users, both vehicles and pedestrians.This means no verbal altercations or obscene gestures, rather a show of gratitude or wave where appropriate.

  3. We cycle single file where there is no shoulder and two abreast where there is a shoulder.

  4. We do not trespass on private property (mountain bikers).

  5. We stop at red traffic lights and top streets and approach all intersections, including green traffic lights, with caution.

  6. We do not litter – be it empty energy sachets, punctured tubes or chocolate wrappers.Our mountaineer bikers stick to established trails and attempt to minimize their impact on the environment.

  7. We never leave club members with a puncture or mechanical fault alone on the side of he road or trail during organized club rides.At least one other club member will stay behind to assist or wait until the back up vehicle arrives (083 258 2100). In dangerous areas, or where there has been an accident, the marshal may designate more riders to stay behind.In the event of a medical emergency, help is summoned       (084 124) and first aid principle applied.

  8. We always follow the instructions of designated Club100 ride marshals.

  9. We wear our sponsor’s colours on all organized races and club rides. This can be critical if unconscious after an accident.The club recommends wearing an band on your wrist whilst riding.

  10. We are proud to be part of Club100, pay our annual subs on time, look out for fellow club members, and participate in Saturday morning breakfasts and other club activities as time permits.