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The Club 100 Cycling Club was formed more that 30 years ago and although cycling continues to grow, we have seen a huge growth in members participating in Tri & Duathlon events, both nationally and internationally.

Club100 Coaching and Training:


The aim  is to guide beginners, intermediate and advanced triathletes through structured workouts to maximize their time, with weekly interaction and feedback so that adaption to the overall plan can achieve the greatest benefits for the individual.

Training plans are uploaded on the TrainingPeaks platform with weekly mentoring and feedback of how the past week was and whether adjustments or updates need to be made to the plan for the coming week.  As a triathlete you can register a free TrainingPeaks account and request the Club100 coach as your coach to receive your individualized training plan which you can also view via the TrainingPeaks app on your smart phone for ease of access.


For more information with regard to coaching contact Simon:  cell: +27 72 279 8557





“Triathlon doesn’t build character, it reveals it” – Unknown

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